Area: 29,74 thousand-sq. km
Population: 3,2 million
Capital: Yerevan
last update: 30.08.2016

According to the Law on Ensuring the Uniformity of Measurements of the Republic of Armenia of 26 May, 2004, the National Institute of Metrology under authority of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia was established on the basis of the Closed Joint-Stock Company “Metrologist”.

       At this time legal basis for fulfillment of Ensuring the Uniformity of Measurements is Law on “Ensuring the Uniformity of Measurements” of The Republic of Armenia N 22-N, 8 February, 2012 (amendments and corrigendum N 42-N from 30 April, 2013 and N 235-N from 17 December, 2014) which establishes legal, economic and organizational basis for ensuring the Uniformity of measurements.  This Law is directed towards the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the citizens and economy of the Republic of Armenia from the consequences of invalid measurement results.

       On the Basis of RA Law on Ensuring the Uniformity of Measurements adopted in 2012, “National Institute of Metrology” CJSC is recognized as a National Body for Metrology by Government Decision N 882-N from 4 July, 2012.

       Activity of metrology services, development of metrologic systems and state management is carried out by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia.

      State Metrology Service is headed by National Body for metrology - “National Institute of Metrology” CJSC.

Management:    Mr. Yerem Chakhoyan 

Address: 49/4 Komitas Ave., 0051 Yerevan,  Republic of Armenia

Telephone: +374 10 23 26 00

Fax: +374 10 23 54 78


Main activities of the National Institute of Metrology are as follows:

·           carrying out of state policy in the field of uniformity of measurements;

·           development of normative and methodical documents in metrology;

·           development of legal and other acts regarding uniformity of measurements;

·           type approval of measuring instruments imported into Armenia and domestically produced;

·           maintenance of the register of approved measuring instruments and reference materials;

·           provision of reproducibility of units of measurements and their dissemination to the working measuring instruments used by metrological services of organisations, as well as by testing and measuring laboratories accredited by it;

·          carrying out of research with the purpose of ensuring the uniformity of measurements;

·          performance of state tests, verification and metrological attestation of measuring instruments and testing equipment;

·           provision of comparisons of national standards with intergovernmental and international standards;

·         traceability to primary standards of national standards;

·           carrying out metrological attestation of measurement techniques, metrological examination of normative documents in metrology;

·           performance of other functions stipulated by the legislation and the Statute of the Institute.

56 units of reference measuring instruments represent the technical basis of the system for assuring uniformity of measurements of the Republic of Armenia.

The Institute fulfils its responsibilities through the following constituent laboratories, departments and services:

·           Department tools of types approval of measuring;

·           Standard Samples Department;

·           Department of development of normative documents;

·           Information Technology Department;

·           Electrical-counters Service Department;

·           Counters Metrological Service Department;

·           Mass Measurement and Technical service Department;

·           Laboratory of Thermal Physics measuring;

·           Laboratory of Gases and Liquids Consumption Measurement;

·           Laboratory of Mechanical and Linear-angular Measurements;

·           Radio electrical Measurements Laboratory;

·           Laboratory of Force, Hardness and Pressure Measurement;

·           Ionization Measurements Laboratory;

·           Regional Metrological Service;

·           Engineering researching Service;

·           Centre of Industrial Metrology