COOMET MoU year of signing:2007 (full member)
Area:29 743 km2
Population:2.965 million
last update: 15.04.2021

1. Law on metrology
Law of the Republic of Armenia of February 8, 2012 No. HO-22-N "Ensuring the Uniformity of Measurement".
2. Metrological infrastructure
The state management for ensuring the uniformity of measurements in the fields of legal metrology is implemented by the authorized body of metrology - the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia.
Minister of Economy:Mr. Vahan Qerobyan
Address:5 M. Mkrtchyan str., 0010 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
Telephone:+374 011 59 71 10
Main areas of activity:
  • implementation of state policy development and coordination in the field of legal metrology;
  • coordination of activities of the National Metrology Body;
  • representation of the Republic of Armenia in international organizations;
  • definition of the certificate form of measuring instrument type approval and the image of type approval mark;
  • definition of the procedure for maintaining the type approval register;
  • definition of the original image of the verification mark of measuring instrument;
  • conducting administrative proceedings in the field of legal metrology;
  • implementation of state control in the field of legal metrology;
  • adoption and implementation of guidelines of the International Organization on Legal Metrology.
"National Body for Standardization and Metrology" CJSC, designated by the Government of the Republic of Armenia as a National Body of Metrology, implements the state policy in the field of metrology within its competence.
Acting Director:Dr. Albert Babayan
Address:49/4 Komitas ave., 0051 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
Telephone:+374 10 23 26 00
Main areas of activity in metrology:
  • creation, maintenance, improvement of national standards of units;
  • ensuring comparability of national standards with the standards of the national institutes of metrology of other countries;
  • membership of international and regional organizations within its competence;
  • definition of standard sample certification procedure and implementation of standard sample certification;
  • examining the metrological characteristics of the measuring instruments in operation;
  • implementation of calibration work to ensure traceability;
  • implementation of metrological certification of measurement methods in the field of legal metrology;
  • type-approval of measuring instruments, definition of validity of type-approval certificate of measuring instrument;
  • maintenance of the register of approved measuring instruments and standard samples;
  • participation in accreditation activities of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs carrying out calibration of measuring instruments;
  • carrying out verification of measuring instruments;
  • in the area of ensuring the uniformity of measurements organization and implementation of training, specialization, training of personnel in the field of legal metrology, as well as training and accreditation of the personnel of calibration and testing laboratories in the above-mentioned field, and the provision of relevant certificates;
  • implementation of metrological expertise of the draft technical regulations provided by the legal acts adopted in accordance with the international treaties of the Republic of Armenia ratified by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.
3. National measurement standards
4. Status of participation in Metre Convention
National Body for Standardization and Metrology CJSC is not a CIPM MRA signatory or a CGPM associate member
5. Certificates of recognition of QMS of NMIs (within COOMET)
6. Status of Calibration and measurement capabilities (CMC data)
7. OIML membership status