COOMET MoU year of signing:1991 (associate member)
Area:110 860 km2
Population:11.1 million
last update: 15.04.2021

1. Law on metrology
Decree - Law No.8 Standardization, Metrology, Quality and Accreditation.
2. Metrological infrastructure
The National Research Institute on Metrology (INIMET) of Cuban National Bureau of Standards as NMI, is the institution responsible for measurement standards and scientific metrology.
It is in charge of the following main activities:
  • to implement, improve, maintain and compare, at the international level, the Cuban national measurement standards and transfer their values to secondary standards;
  • to carry out research and scientific-technical development in the field of metrology;
  • to calibrate working standards and instruments of secondary laboratories;
  • to carry out type evaluation of measurement instruments;
  • to participate in the elaboration of standards and technical regulations for verification and calibration of measuring instruments;
  • to educate and train specialists for legal metrology and industrial calibration laboratories.
Director:Mr. Jose Zaldivar
Address:Consulado No.206, e/ Animas y Trocadero, Centro Habana, La Habana, CP 10200, Republic of Cuba
Telephone:+537 862 05 36 / +537 863 90 62
Fax:+537 867 69 66
The Centro de Isotopos (CENTIS) is the designated laboratory in the field of Radioactivity. CENTIS belongs to the Agency of Nuclear Energy and Advanced Technologies of the Ministry for Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA). The main objective of this center is the production and R&D of radiopharmaceuticals, RIA kits and radioactive labelled compounds for the Cuban Health System as well as to perform specialized technical services and application of Nuclear Techniques to solve economical national problems, including those related to metrology of ionizing radiation. The Department of Radionuclides Metrology of the Centro de Isotopos, the CENTIS-DMR, is responsible for the establishment, developing, conservation, custody and diffusion of National Standards of Radionuclide Activity units (Becquerel). CENTIS-DMR is the scientific and methodological warrantor for achieving the traceability to these standards of the radioactivity measurements performed at national level.
Director:Dr. Rene Leyva Montana
Address:Ave. Monumental y Carretera La Rada, Km 3 1/2, CP 32700, San Jose de las Lajas, Mayabeque, Republic of Cuba
Telephone:+537 682 95 24
Fax:+537 866 98 21
The Center for Radiation Protection and Hygiene is a designated laboratory mainly responsible for the dosimetry standards in the field of ionizing radiation. The Dosimetry Laboratory of the CPHR performs the following obligations:
  • to maintain traceability in Cuba to the international measurement system through implementing and improving national standards and calibrating measuring instruments;
  • to participate in comparison exercises of the standards at international level;
  • to carry out research and scientific-technical development in the field of ionizing radiation metrology;
  • to provide education to specialists and users in the field of radiation measurements.
Director:Mr. Gonzalo Walwyn Salas
Address:Carretera Cantera La Victoria II, km 2 ½, e/Monumental y Final, Municipio Guanabacoa. La Habana, Republic of Cuba
Telephone:+537 7 682-7271, 7 682-0514 (International), +537 7 682-9571, 7 682-4891, +537 7 682-4892
Fax:+537 6829573
The institutions responsible for Legal Metrology are:
a) Cuban National Bureau of Standards (NC) is the National Authority and is responsible for the development of metrology and legal metrology and performs the functions of the central steering body of state administration in the field of metrology. NC is intergrated into the OIML Certification System (OIML-CS) as a utilizer organization.
The main tasks and activities of the NC in the field of metrology are:
  • elaboration and realisation of state policy in metrology;
  • preparation of laws and decrees referring to metrology;
  • steering of metrology in the state in the scope given by the Law on Metrology, including subordinate metrological institutions and Legal Metrology Service;
  • methodical activity and supervision of activities in metrology;
  • representation of the Republic of Cuba in the international metrological associations.
General Director:Dr. Nancy Fernández Rodríguez
Director of Metrology:Mr. Fernando Arruza Rodríguez
Address:Calle E No 261 entre 11 y 13- Vedado, La Habana 10400, Republic of Cuba
Telephone:+537 682 95 24
Fax:+537 682 78 50,
b) Territorial Centres of Metrology (TCM) which are subordinate institutions of NC.
These institutions are charged with the following main activities:
  • to verify the legal measurement instruments;
  • to calibrate the working standards of measurement units (for industry);
  • to calibrate the ordinary measuring instruments for customers;
  • to carry out the type evaluation of measuring instruments.
TCM laboratories were accredited by ONARC according to ISO IEC 17025 standard.
c) The other institutions in the field of legal metrology are Metrological Laboratories (Industry).
These institutions (established in factories or other organisation) are calibration laboratories. NC authorises some of them for verification of the specified kinds of legal measuring instruments, if necessary.
The calibration of ordinary measuring instruments is performed by more than 170 calibration laboratories, established in the framework of industry or other organisations.
3. National measurement standards
National Electrical Resistance measurement standard, INIMET.
  • Group standard is formed by a set of 8 resistance measures of nominal value 1 Ω
National liquid volume measurement standard, INIMET.
  • Pipette of 1 L nominal capacity
  • Pipette of 2 L nominal capacity
  • Pipette of 5 L nominal capacity
  • Pipette of 10 L nominal capacity
National relative pressure measurement standard, INIMET.
  • Piston and Weight Gauge (0,5 to 20) Mpa
  • Piston and Weight Gauge (5 to 200) Mpa
  • Piston and Weight Gauge (50 to 2000) kPa
National dosimetry standards, CPHR.
  • Group of standards is formed by 7 ionisation chambers for dosimetry at the levels of radiation protection, radiotherapy and diagnostic radiology
National standards of activity measurements, CENTIS
(Measurements of 241Am, 3H, 32P, 60Co, 90Y, 90Y+90Sr, 131I, 99Tcm, 137Cs, 18F, 22Na,68Ga, 125I, other gamma emitters)
  • Standard Liquid Scintillation Counter
  • Standard Gamma Spectrometer
  • Set of the standard sources
  • Set of the standard weights
4. Status of participation in Metre Convention
Cuba ceased to be an Associate of the CGPM from 1st January 2022 and terminated its participation in the implementation of the CIPM Mutual Recognition Arrangement (CIPM MRA).
5. Certificates of recognition of QMS of NMIs (within COOMET)
INIMET QMS certificate of recognition (ISO/IEC 17025): QSF-R56 until 04.10.2023
CENTIS QMS certificate of recognition (ISO/IEC 17025): QSF-R55 until 04.10.2023
CPHR QMS certificate of recognition (ISO/IEC 17025): QSF-R57 until 04.10.2023
Note - INIMET, CENTIS and CPHR have established a quality system in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025 and the Mutual Recognition Agreement for national measurement standards and for calibration and measurement certificates issued by national metrology institutes. In 2008 this system was accredited by the National Accreditation Body (ONARC) of the Republic of Cuba and recognized by COOMET in accordance with the above international standard.
6. Status of Calibration and measurement capabilities (CMC data)