Area: 121,2 thousand-sq. km
Population::22,6 millions inhabitants
Capital: Pyongyang
last update: 27.08.2013

The legal foundation of metrology in DPR Korea is the Law of DPR Korea on Metrology adopted in 1993.

The institution responsible for standards, scientific metrology and calibration service is Central Institute of Metrology (CIM).

Its main tasks are:

                    maintenance and management of national standards for the measurement units of physical quantities;

                    fundamental research in the field of metrology;

                    development of national standards and reference measuring instruments;

                    calibration and international comparison of various kinds of reference measuring instruments;

                    pattern approval of measuring instruments;

                    research for the establishment of law and regulations on metrology;

                    train of the experts and dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge on metrology;

                    international exchange in the field of metrology.

Director: Mr. Jang Myong Il

Address: Sonsin-Dong No.1, Sadong District, Pyongyang, DPR of Korea

Telephone: +850 2 381 86 49

Fax: +850 2 381 44 80

E-mail: pdk0301@163.com

Institution responsible for legal metrology is State Administration for Quality Management (SAQM) responsible for the metrological works in the country.

It is charged with the following main activities:

                    to elaborate and realize the state policy in metrology;

           to define and register the measurement standards for the unification of measurement units and maintenance of their accuracy;

           to approve the measuring means;

           to accredit the self-calibration institution;

           to organize and carry out the inspection and supervision in the field of metrology;

           to elaborate the law, regulations and rules on metrology;

           to approve the guidelines to the calibration and pattern evaluation.

Management: Mr. Pak Song Guk, Acting President

Dr. Jo Hui Kon, Director, Department of Metrology

Address: Inhung-Dong No.1, Moranbong District, Pyongyang, DPR Korea

Telephone: + 850 2 18111 (ext. 381 8989)

Fax: + 850 2 381 44 10

E-mail: saqm@co.chesin.com

Territorial Institutions of Calibration are the subordinate of SAQM. These institutions are charged with the following main activities:

                    to maintain the working standards and reference instruments;

           to calibrate the ordinary measuring instruments belonging to the category of state calibration within the territory;

                    to carry out the supervision and control on metrology;

to give technical and administrative guidance to the self-calibration institutions within the territory.