Area: 65,2 thousand-sq. km
Population: 3 millions inhabitants
Capital: Vilnius
last update: 31.08.2016

All activities on assuring the uniformity of measurements in Lithuania are based on the Law on Metrology which came into force on 9 July 1996 (amended on 22 June 2006) with the last change on 12 June 2014 according to which the Metrology system in Lithuania have been reorganized.

The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania (, according to the Law on Metrology, is responsible for the formation of metrology policy, coordination of uniformity of measurements in Lithuania, carrying out implementation of legal metrological regulation, as well as for exchange of information on notification of bodies with the other EU member states.

 By the Resolution No. 595 of June 25, 2014, the Government of the Republic of Lithuania has assigned the functions of the Lithuanian National Metrology Institute (NMI) to the State Research Institute Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC). The Metrology Department, which is a part of FTMC, by the Order of director on July 1, 2014, was appointed to represent the Lithuanian National Metrology Institute (NMI). FTMC together with the national standards laboratories from LEI and VMC, are authorised by the Government of Lithuania to develop and maintain national measurement standards.

The national standards laboratories create, maintain, use and improve national standards, assure assignment of reproduced measurement quantities, maintain international traceability in the fields allocated to them and represent Lithuania in the activities of international metrological organizations in the scope of their competence.

 According to the Resolution of the Government of Lithuania No. 595 of 25 June 2014 on the approval, maintenance and use of national measurement standards, and approval of the list of national measurement standards and national standard laboratories, laboratories were authorized to develop and keep national standards. The development of national measurement standards is being performed in line with the aforementioned Resolution, as well as the needs and economical capabilities of Lithuania.

Verification and calibration of measuring instruments and standards is performed by the stock company Metrology Centre (MC) in Vilnius with its branches in Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai and Panevežys, and private accredited laboratories for calibration and testing of certain kinds of measuring instruments, which are appointed by the Ministry of Economy. 

The Lithuanian Metrology Inspectorate ( was established according to the Law on Metrology of Lithuania and performs the tasks of market surveillance for measuring instruments, which are under the metrological control, for prepackaged goods and measuring containers also for quantity of weighted, counted measured and dosed products.

At Kaunas University of Technology established the Institute of Metrology (, whose tasks are organization, coordination and execution of research in the field of metrology, as well as training of specialists in metrology

There is a Technical Committee “Metrology” within the Lithuanian Standards Board. It‘s main responsibility is to draft written standards in the metrology field.


National Standards Laboratories

National Standards Laboratory

Subject Field

1. State Scientific Research Institute

Center for Physical Sciences and Technology(FTMC)- NMI

QMS- Self declared 


 Time and Frequency



 Metrology in chemistry

 Ionising radiation (for radioactivity) 

2. Stock Company Vilnius Metrology Centre (VMC)- DI

QMS - Accredited 





3. Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI)-DI

QMS - Accredited 



 *QMS- Quality management system

National Metrology Institute of Lithuania

By the Resolution No. 866 of September 3, 2014, the Government has authorized the FTMC to represent the Republic of Lithuania at the General Conference on Weights and Measures (CGPM), the European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET) and the Euro-Asian cooperation of National Metrology Institutions (COOMET).

FTMC, representing National Metrology Institute, resigned the Mutual Recognition Arrangement (CIPM MRA) on November of 2014. The first time CIPM MRA was signed by Lithuanian NMI in 2001. Three institutes FTMC, VMC and LEI were appointed to fulfill the requirements of the CIPM MRA in Lithuania.

·         State Research Institute Centre for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) -NMI

Metrology Department of the State Research Institute Centre for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) carry out the functions of the Lithuanian National Metrology Institute (NMI). Metrology Department is responsible for maintaining the national standards of electricity, thermometry, time and frequency, ionizing radiation (for radioactivity) and metrology in chemistry.

The director of the Lithuanian NMI, Dr. G. Valušis, assigned Dr. Evaldas Naujalis, Head of Metrology Department as the Lithuanian delegate at the COOMET Committee from Lithuania and Dr. Rimantas Miškinis, Head of the laboratory, as the alternate.

Contacts of FTMC:

Director Dr. Gintaras Valušis

Official address of FTMC:

Savanoriu ave. 231

LT-02300, Vilnius

Telephone: +370 5 261 2758, 

Fax : +370 5 262 7123



Metrology Department

Head of the Department Dr. Evaldas Naujalis

A. Goštauto str.11

LT - 01108 Vilnius


Telephone: +370 5 261 2758

Fax: +370 5 262 7123

E-mail:  e