COOMET MoU year of signing:1997 (full member)
Area:33 700 km2
Population:3.567 million
last update: 15.04.2021

1. Law on metrology
Metrology Law No. 19 adopted in the Republic of Moldova on the 04th of March 2016.
2. Metrological infrastructure
According to the Law on metrology No. 19 adopted in the Republic of Moldova on the 04th of March 2016, the authority responsible for the implementation of the policy in the field of metrology is the Ministry of Economy (Quality Infrastructure and Market Surveillance Department) that is the Central Metrology Authority.
In the field of metrology, the ministry is complying with the provisions of the Law on metrology, enactments of the President of the Republic of Moldova, dispositions, orders, ordinances of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, international agreements and conventions signed by the Republic of Moldova.
The infrastructure of national system of metrology includes:
  • Central Metrology Authority (CMA) � central public administration body under the Government, responsible for the quality infrastructure - the Ministry of Economy;
  • Public Institution National Institute of Metrology (INM-MD);
  • National Measurement Standards Database;
  • National Technical Council on Metrology;
  • Agency for Consumer�s Protectionand Market Surveillance;
  • Metrological departments of legal entities.
The Ministry of Economy has the following attributions:
  • Development and coordination of the implementation of the state policy in the field of metrology;
  • Development of relevant legislation and participation in the development and approval of normative acts drafts for the purpose of assurance of measurement results traceability to the International System of Units (SI system);
  • Approval of legal metrology regulations within its competence;
  • Maintenance of National Registers of the National System of Metrology (national measurement standards, legal metrology regulations and authorized entities);
  • Coordination of metrological activity of the central public administration branch bodies, both legal entities and individuals that perform activities in the field of metrology;
  • Representation of the Republic of Moldova in regional and international organizations of metrology together with the National Institute for Metrology;
  • Designation of legal entities for verification of legal measuring instruments and for performing official measurements on the basis of certificate of accreditations issued by the national accreditation body;
  • Approval of training programs in the field of metrology, including training programs for experts in the field of legal metrology, technical experts in metrology and verification officers.
The Public Institution National Institute of Metrology (INM-MD) is a legal entity and performs its activity on the basis of regulations approved by the Central Metrology Authority and of regulations and provisions of the relevant national legislation. The National Institute for Metrology has the following attributions:
In the field of legal metrology:
  • Preparation of normative documents on legal metrology (general regulations on legal metrology, rules on legal metrology and legislative procedures for performing measurements), harmonized with international and regional practice;
  • Conduct of technical works in legal metrology (type approval, initial, regular and expert verifications of measurement instruments, official measurements, metrological expertise of draft normative documents etc.);
  • Maintenance of the State Register of measuring instruments, permitted for use in the Republic of Moldova;
  • Participation in the work of international and regional forums in the field of metrology in cooperation with CAM;
  • Making and implementation of agreements on mutual recognition of measurement standards and certificates of calibration, issued by national metrology institutes, in accordance with the requirements of the International Committee for Weights and Measures (CIPM), as well as implementation of agreements made with other countries on mutual recognition of the results of type approval and results of verification of measuring instruments, used in the areas of public interest;
  • Recognition of the results of metrological testing with the purpose of type approval of EU, measuring instrument verification of EU, performed in EU member states, and recognition of the corresponding certificates;
  • State registration of legal entities and physical persons, carrying out activities on repair, installation and commissioning of legal measuring instruments, as well as legal entities and physical persons, manufacturing, importing and prepacking products, and legal entities, manufacturing/importing bottles, used as volumetric vessel.
In the field of general metrology:
  • Implementation of the policy in metrology at the national level;
  • Creation, development and maintenance of national measurement standards, keeping and transfer of legal units of measurement;
  • Provision of traceability of measurements results by carrying out comparisons of national measurement standards at the regional and international level, calibration of national measurement standards;
  • Training and upgrading of skills of specialists, performing works in the field of metrology;
  • Preparation and expertise of draft normative and technical documents on ensuring the uniformity of measurements, harmonized with international and national documents of other countries in terms of metrological requirements.
State Inspectorate for non-Food Products Surveillance and Consumer Protection was created by the Government Decision No. 466/06.06.2022., as a result of the reorganization of Main State Inspectorate for Market Surveillance, Metrology and Consumer Protection. The Agency for Consumer�s Protection is a legal entity having legislative functions of metrological control and surveillance over the national internal market.
Metrological departments of legal entities.
The Metrological services of legal entities authorized by the national system of metrology to carry out works in the field of metrology, perform the functions of assurance of unity and accuracy of the measurements by performing verifications of legalized measurement instruments or/and official measurements.
Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Moldova - Central Authority of Metrology
State Secretary:Mr. Vadim GUMENE
Address:Piata Marii Adunari Nationale str. MD-2033, CHISINAU
Telephone:+ 373 22 250 591
Head of the Quality
Infrastructureand Industrial
Safety Department:
Mr. Marian MAMEI
Address:Piata Marii Adunari Nationale str. MD-2033, CHISINAU
Telephone:+373 22 250 553
Public Institution National Institute of Metrology
Director:Mr. Alexei PIANIH
Address:28, E. Coca str., MD 2064, CHISINAU
Telephone:+373 22 903 101
Fax:+373 22 903 111
State Inspectorate for non-Food Products Surveillance and Consumer Protection
Address:78, Vasile Alecsandri str., MD 2012, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Telephone:+373 22 501 980
Fax:+373 22 501 981
3. National measurement standards
4. Status of participation in Metre Convention
Moldova is an associate member of the CGPM since 2007.
Signatory of the Mutual Recognition Agreement (CIPM MRA): Public Institution �National Institute of Metrology� (INM MD) (November 14, 2007).
(Has the right to use the CIPM MRA logo from April 22, 2016).
5. Certificates of recognition of QMS of NMIs (within COOMET)
NIM QMS certificate of recognition (ISO/IEC 17025): QSF-R52 until 31.01.2023.
Moldova receives its NMI QMS recognition within EURAMET (from 17.07.2019).
6. Status of Calibration and measurement capabilities (CMC data)
Moldova publishes its CMC data within EURAMET (from 17.07.2019)