Area: 237,5 thousand-sq. km
Population: 2,5 millions inhabitants
Capital: Bucharest
last update: 27.08.2013

The basic act establishing the national policy in the field of metrology is the Ordinance No. 20/1992 approved by the Law No. 11/1994. This document concerns the use of the units of measurement, the national system of measurement standards and the regime of the measuring instruments subject to the state metrological control.

The official body responsible for metrology in Romania is the Romanian Bureau of Legal Metrology (BRML), a public institution, with non-budgetary financing, subordinated to the Ministry of Industry and Trade. BRML coordinates the metrology activities at the national level and supervises the compliance with the legal metrology regulations throughout the country.


The National Institute of Metrology (INM), with laboratories in Bucharest and Timisoara, provides the maintenance and development of the national measurement standards, their comparison with international measurement standards and measurement standards of other countries, dissemination of the measurement units to secondary standards, higher echelon calibration services, scientific research in metrology and other related fields. INM is a research institute, part of the BRML structure, which is financed mainly through services paid by customers, but also through contracts financed by the Ministry of Research and Technology.

National Institute of Metrology (INM)

Director: Dr. Dragos Boiciuc

Address: 11 Sos. Vitan Bârzesti, 75669 Bucharest, Romania

Telephone: +40 1 334 55 20

Fax: +40 1 334 53 45


The activity of INM covers the major part of physical quantities (dimensional, mechanical, electromagnetic, thermal, optical, physical-chemical, ionising radiation, etc.). The primary standards realised at INM are assessed by BRML and declared as national standards through governmental decisions.

INM also performs calibrations, metrological verifications, pattern and conformity tests, high accuracy measurements, certification of reference materials, international cooperation; offers consultations, education and training in metrology; prepares calibration/verification procedures and publishes the technical quarterly journal METROLOGIE.


The set of activities aimed at assuring traceability of all measurements in industry and other areas also known as industrial or technical metrology is carried out mainly in the regional metrology laboratories belonging to BRML and in the laboratories of enterprises and factories.


According to the legislation in force in the field of metrology, the measuring instruments used in areas of public interest, such as trade, health, environment protection, etc. are submitted to the metrological control of the state. This control is exerted mainly through the authorisation of metrology laboratories and their personnel, through pattern approval of measuring instruments manufactured in Romania or imported, through initial and subsequent metrological verifications and through metrological surveillance.

BRML issues orders and regulations in the field of legal metrology, performs inspections and applies sanctions, represents Romania in the international organisations of legal metrology.