COOMET MoU year of signing:1991 (associate member)
Area:110 860 km2
Population:11.1 million
last update: 15.07.2019

1. Law on metrology
(up-to-date country information has not been submitted to the COOMET Secretariat)
2. Metrological infrastructure
(up-to-date country information has not been submitted to the COOMET Secretariat - information from the Catalog-2018 is given)
The institution responsible for national and other measurement standards and scientific metrology in Slovakia is the Slovak Institute of Metrology (SMU), which in accordance with the Law on Metrology is a state institution, responsible for the mentioned areas.
The Slovak Institute of Metrology (SMU) has been established in 1968 as the National Czechoslovak Institute of Metrology and has more than 47 years of experience. SMU fulfils tasks as the national metrology institution (NMI) for the Slovak Republic since 1st of January 1993. At the present time SMU is subsidized organization of the SOSMT.
Main tasks of SMU include:
  • implementation, improvement, maintenance and comparison of Slovak national measurement standards of physical and technical quantities and their comparison at the international level, as well as transfer of units to secondary standards;
  • representation of the Slovak Republic in international metrology organizations;
  • scientific and research and technical development in the field of metrology;
  • calibration of operating standards and measuring instruments;
  • verification of measuring instruments, subject to verification;
  • type testing of measuring instruments;
  • supervision of creation of Slovak certified reference materials;
  • development of technical standards, orders to the Law on Metrology, specifying technical requirements and methods for verification of measuring instruments, subject to verification, and testing for type approval;
  • training and improvement of professional skills of employees in legal metrology, calibration centers and other employees, involved in technical measurements;
  • certification of employees in metrology;
  • conducting specialized and technical works in the field of accreditation and certification bodies.
General Director:Mr. Roman Kováč
Address:Karloveská 63, 842 55 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Telephone:+421 2 602 94 600
The institutions responsible for legal metrology are:
Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing (UNMS) as the central steering body of the state administration in the field of metrology.
The main tasks and activities of the UNMS in the field of metrology are:
  • elaboration and realisation of the state policy in metrology;
  • preparation of legislative and legal rules (acts and decrees) referring to metrology, standardisation and testing;
  • steering of metrology in the state in the scope given by the Act on Metrology, including subordinate metrology institutions (Slovak Institute of Metrology (SMU), Slovak Standards Institute (SUTN), Technical Testing Institute (TSU), Slovak Legal Metrology (SLM), Slovak National Accreditation Service (SNAS) and Slovak Metrology Inspectorate (SMI));
  • methodical supervision of metrological activities.
President of UNMS:Ms. Lucia Gocníková
Address:Štefanovičova 3, P.O. Box 76, 810 05 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Telephone:+421 2 5249 6847, 8030
Fax:+421 2 5249 1050
Slovak Legal Metrology (SLM), non-profit organisation, the SLM is charged with the following main activities:
  • verification of legally controlled measuring instruments;
  • calibration of reference and working standards for industry;
  • calibration of ordinary measuring instruments for customers;
  • carrying out of pattern evaluation of measuring instruments;
  • carrying out of interlaboratory comparisons.
General Director:Dr. Jaromír Markovič
Address:31 Hviezdoslavova, 975 90 Banská Bystrica, Slovak Republic
Telephone:+421 48 4719122,
+421 48 4719125
Fax:+421 48 4719158
Slovak Metrology Inspectorate (SMI) a subordinate institution of the UNMS. Its main task is to perform the state metrology supervision over the compliance with the Law on Metrology and Decrees and supervision over measuring instruments and measurements in the Slovak Republic.
Director:Mr. Ľudovít Koppan
Address:Štefanovičova 3, 811 04 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Telephone:+421 2 5262 2722, 2723
Fax:+421 2 455 25 473
Other institutions in the field of legal metrology are authorised bodies. These institutions are authorised by the UNMS SR for verification of specified types of legally controlled measuring instruments.
Organizations, responsible for calibration service
Calibration of operating instruments is mainly carried out by individual calibration laboratories, located at factories and other organizations. Some of these laboratories are accredited by the Slovak National Accreditation Service (SNAS) in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. SMU and SLM also provide services on calibration of measuring instruments.
Slovak National Accreditation Service (SNAS)
3. National measurement standards
(up-to-date country information has not been submitted to the COOMET Secretariat)
4. Status of participation in Metre Convention
Member of the Metre Convention since 1922.
Signatory of the Mutual Recognition Agreement (CIPM MRA): Slovak Metrology Institute (SMU) (October 19, 1999).
(Has the right to use the CIPM MRA logo from March 13, 2007)

SMU has representatives in 5 BIPM Consultative Committees.
5. Certificates of recognition of QMS of NMIs (within COOMET)
Slovakia receives its NMI QMS recognition within EURAMET.
6. Status of Calibration and measurement capabilities (CMC data)
Slovakia publishes its CMC data within EURAMET.