Area: : 143,1 thousand-sq. km2
Population: 7 millions inhabitants
Capital: Dushanbe
last update: 15.06.2016

Legal basis of maintenance of unity of measurements and the state metrological system is Constitution of Republic of Tajikistan, Low of Republic of Tajikistan “About maintenance of unity of measurements” No. 435 from May, 15th, 1997 (changes and additions No. 321 from July, 30th, 2007, No. 467 from December, 31st, 2008), and also other regulatory legal acts of Republic of Tajikistan.

The metrological service of Republic of Tajikistan consists of the State metrological service and metrological services of legal bodies.

The state metrological service is headed by Agency Tajikstandard and includes in itself:

·           Bodies of the State metrological service in Gorno-Badahshansky autonomous region, republic areas, areas of republican submission and a city of Dushanbe.

The structure of the State metrological service includes 11 regional centers of Tajikstandard.

Activity on maintenance of functioning and development of the State metrological system carries out by Agency on Standardization, Metrology, Certification and Trade Inspection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan (Tajikstandard).

Director:             Mr. Qurboniyon Ibodullo Karim

Address:  734018, Dushanbe, N. Ęarabaev Str., 42/2

Phone:                 +992 37 233 68 69

Fax:                     +992 37 233 44 99


E-mail:                info@standard.tj

     Website:                www.standard.tj


The competence of Tajikstandard concern:

·           The organization of carrying out of basic researches in the field of metrology;

·           The organization of creation and functioning of reference base;

·           Definition of the general metrological requirements to means of measuring techniques, methods and results of measurements;

·           The statement of types of measuring apparatuses;

·           Definition of the general requirements concerning an order of carrying out of calibration and metrological certification of means of measuring techniques, working out of statutory acts, programs etc.;

·           Inter-regional and inter-branch coordination of activity on maintenance of unity of measurements;

·           Establishment of rules of creation, the statement, storage and application of the state standards of units of sizes;

·           Definition of the general metrological requirements to means, methods and results of measurements;

·           Realization of the state metrological control and supervision;

·           A management of activity of the state metrological service and other metrological services of maintenance of unity of measurements;

·           Participation in activity of the international metrological organizations.

The international cooperation of Tajikstandard in the field of metrology is carried out in frameworks:

·           International Organization for Legal Metrology (OIML);

·           Interstate Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (EASC);

·           Inter-Regional Association for Standardization (IAS).