WORK PROGRAMME... Scheme of Projects Rules of Procedure Subject field task programs

  Subject field task programs  
Document reference Name of a document Remarks
1 C P1/2020 COOMET DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME for 2020-2022  
2 C P2/2022 PROGRAM OF COMPARISONS (2021-2022)  
3 COOMET P3/2021 Work Program of TC 2 "Legal metrology" for 2021-2023  
4 C P4/2021 Work Program of TC 4 "Information and training" for 2021-2023  
5 COOMET P5/2020 Programme of Joint CRM production within COOMET as of 14.09.2020 186/RU/99
6 COOMET P6/2021 Roadmap for the implementation of decisions related to the redefinition of the Basic Units of the International System OF Units (SI)