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Document reference Name of a document Remarks
1 COOMET D1/2020 COOMET Memorandum of Understanding  
2 D2/2021 COOMET Rules of Procedure  
3 C D3/2008 Memorandum on cooperation in the development and application of the reference materials of the composition and properties of substances and materials within COOMET 28/RU-a/92
4 C D4/2014 COOMET publications. Classification, development, approval and registration. General provisions 264/BY-/02
5 C D5/2021 Model Regulations for COOMET Structural Bodies 248/BY-/02
COOMET D5.1/2018 REGULATIONS of the COOMET Joint Committee on Measurement Standards (COOMET JCMS)  
COOMET D5.3/2021 Regulation on the COOMET Technical Committee "Flow Measurement" (TC 1.4)  
COOMET D5.4/2012 REGULATION on the COOMET Technical Committee Length and Angle (C 1.5)  
COOMET D5.6/2014 REGULATIONS for Technical Committee COOMET Physical Chemistry (TC 1.8)  
COOMET D5.8/2021 Regulation on the COOMET Technical Committee "General Questions Concerning Measurements (General Metrology)" (TC 1.1)  
COOMET D5.9/2012 REGULATION on the COOMET Technical Committee Mass and related quantities (C 1.6)  
COOMET D5.12/2014 REGULATIONS of the Technical Committee Legal Metrology (TC 2)  
COOMET D5.16/2008 PROVISIONS on the Technical Committee Technical Committee of Quality Forum (C 3.1)  
COOMET D5.13/2021 REGULATION on the COOMET Technical Committee "Information and Training" (TC 4)  
COOMET D5.14/2021 REGULATION on the COOMET Technical Committee "Ionizing Radiation and Radioactivity" (TC 1.9)  
C D5.17/2016 Appeal Board on comparisons of the national measurement standards and CMC data peer review (AB) is a structural body of COOMET  
COOMET D5.18/2021 REGULATION on the Quality Forum  
6 C D6/2013 Procedure for maintaining COOMET web-site. General Provisions 251/BY-a/02
7 C D7/2019 Regulation on giving the distinguished title of "Honorary metrologist of COOMET"  
8 C D8/2006 Criteria and procedure of admission for new C members  
10 C D10/2013 COOMET Web Portal. General Provisions and Maintenance 500/UA-a/10
11 C D11/2016 The Procedure of Using the COOMET Logo