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Document reference Name of a document Remarks
1 COOMET I/RM/1:2001 Analytical review "Normative documents regulating the questions of RMS production and use analytical overview (based on information provided by COOMET contact persons for RMS)CO" 185/RU/99
2 COOMET I/RM/2:2023 Register of certified reference materials of composition and properties of substances and materials developed within COOMET TC 1.12 Secretariat is
maintaining and updating
the Register
3 COOMET I/LM/3:2003 Survey of technical requirements in the field of legal metrology in COOMET member-countries 204/DE-a/00
4 COOMET I/GM/4:2005 Analysis of the problem of introduction of the "Guide to the expression of Uncertainty in Measurement" in COOMET state-members 279/RU-a/03
5 COOMET I/LM/5:2005 The analysis of the cooperation projects within the frame of APLMF and preparation of proposals for cooperation of COOMET with this RMO in the field of Legal metrology 307/RU-a/04
6 COOMET I/TR/6:2005 Review "National educational systems in the field of metrology in the COOMET member-countries" 270/BY-a/03
7 COOMET I/IT/7:2016 Methodology for uncertainty evaluation of measurement results obtained by data processing software 399/RU-a/07
8 COOMET I/LM/8:2019 Overview on the progress with prepackages control in COOMET member countries 602/BY/13
9 COOMET I/LM/9:2019 Metrological supervision performed by metrological services of legal entities. General principles 667/RU/15
10 COOMET I/LM/10:2021 Organization of the Sphere of State Regulation in the Field of Legal Metrology in COOMET Member Countries 629/RU-a/13
11 COOMET I/GM/11:2021 On Remote Calibration of Standards of COOMET NMIs  
12 COOMET I/TR/12:2022 Training systems for metrologists in COOMET member countries 731/RU-a/17