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Document reference Name of a document Remarks
1 C R/AUV/1:1995 Typical procedure for testing of vibration-measuring transducers (vibration pick-ups) 49/RU-a/92
2 C R/TF/2:1995 Interstate hierarchical chain for time and frequency measuring instruments 16/RU-a/92
3 C R/TF/3:1995 Requirements to time and frequency measuring equipment produced by the COOMET member-states, which are necessary for mutual recognition of the results of national metrological verifications and certifications 16/RU-a/92
4 C R/RM/4:2008 Order of joint development, recognition and registration of reference materials within COOMET 132/RU-a/95
5 C R/RM/5:2010 Contents and rules of drawing up of the documents for RMs developed within COOMET 151/RU-a/96
6 C R/RM/6:2010 Register of the reference materials of the composition and properties of substances and materials developed within COOMET. Fundamentals 413/KZ/07
7 C R/GM/7:2014 Procedure of inner inter-regional reviewing of measurement and calibration capabilities of COOMET national metrological institutes and interregional reviewing of the institutes of other regional metrological organizations
8 C R/LM/8:2002 Layout, presentation, drawing up and contents of Measuring instrument type specification for national register of measuring instruments 207/BY/00
9 COOMET R/AQ/9:2019 Recommendations on the evaluation of quality management systems of National metrology institutes / Designated institutes
10 C R/LM/10:2004 Software for measuring instruments. General technical specifications 213/BY/00
11 C R/GM/11:2017 Regulations for comparison of measurement standards from the national metrological institutes of COOMET" 668/RU/15
12 C R/GM/12:2015 "Rules of maintaining of foregoing COOMET Program of comparisons 630/RU/13
13 COOMET R/AQ/13:2019 Rules and Procedure for the evaluation of the quality management systems of National metrology institutes / Designated institutes
14 C R/GM/14:2016 Guidelines for data evaluation of COOMET key comparison 336/RU/05
15 COOMET R/GM/15:2020 Rules of Completion of the Form of Calibration Certificates issued by National Metrology Institutes and Designated Institutes within the scope of the CIPM MRA 301/UA-/03
16 C R/RM/16:2007 Recommendation for the acceptance of certified reference materials in Appendix C CIPM MRA 290/RU-a/03
17 C R/RM/17:2011 Guidelines for issuing Certificate of the participant of COOMET CRM interlaboratory certification 349/BY-a/05
18 COMET R/GM/18:2020 Procedure of the International Competition "The Best Young Metrologist of COOMET 335/UA/05
19 C R/GM/19:2016 Guideline on COOMET supplementary comparison evaluation 302/RU/04
20 C R/GM/20:2009 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Scales of Measurements. Terms and Definitions 287/RU/03
21 C R/GM/21:2011 Use of concepts error of measurement and uncertainty of measurement. General principles materials 347/RU/05
22 COOMET R/RM/22:2020 Form and Content of COOMET ertificate for Reference Materials for Composition and Properties of Substances and Materials 697/RU/16
23 C R/GM/23:2014 PROCEDURE of organization and publishing the data about calibration and measuring services of COOMET national metrological institute on C web resources 404/RU/07
24 C R/IT/24:2014 Educational programs and practical training programs of experts of National Metrological Institutes cooperating in COOMET 541/RU-a/11
25 COOMET R/LM/25:2015 Procedure for recognizing technical devices as measuring instruments 523/BY/11
27 COOMET R/IT/27:2015 Procedure for preparing certificates of training, study visits and up-skilling within the framework of C 597/BY/13
28 COMET R/LM/28:2016 Standard program for testing the software of measuring instruments 425/BY/08
29 C R/RM/29:2016 The Content and Procedure of Work on Reference Material Comparison within COOMET 498/RU/10
30 C R/RM/30:2016 Procedure for completing the Form of COOMET database for COOMET reference materials 543/AM/11
31 C R/GM/31:2016 Calibration techniques. General requirements 422/RU-a/08
32 C R/GM/32:2017 Calibration of measuring instruments. Algorithms of processing measurement results and uncertainty evaluation 420/RU-/08
33 COOMET R/T/33:2018 Calibration of platinum resistance thermometers by comparison method 633/KG/14