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Document reference Name of a document Remarks
1 COOMET R/TF/2:1995 Interstate hierarchical chain for time and frequency measuring instruments 16/RU-a/92
2 COOMET R/TF/3:1995 Requirements to time and frequency measuring equipment produced by the COOMET member-states, which are necessary for mutual recognition of the results of national metrological verifications and certifications 16/RU-a/92
3 COOMET R/RM/4:2023 Procedure for Joint Development, Approval and Registration of Certified Reference Materials within COOMET 132/RU-a/95
4 COOMET R/RM/5:2010 Contents and rules of drawing up of the documents for RMs developed within COOMET 151/RU-a/96
5 COOMET R/RM/6:2010 Register of the reference materials of the composition and properties of substances and materials developed within COOMET. Fundamentals 413/KZ/07
6 COOMET R/GM/7:2021 Procedure for an Intraregional Review of Calibration and Measurement Capabilities of COOMET NMIs and DIs and an Interregional Review of Calibration and Measurement Capabilities of NMIs and DIs of Other Regional Metrology Organizations  
7 COOMET R/LM/8:2002 Layout, presentation, drawing up and contents of Measuring instrument type specification for national register of measuring instruments 207/BY/00
8 COOMET R/AQ/9:2019 Recommendations on the evaluation of quality management systems of National metrology institutes / Designated institutes
9 COOMET R/GM/11:2021 Regulations on Comparisons of Measurement Standards of COOMET National Metrology Institutes and Designated Institutes  
10 COOMET R/GM/12:2021 Rules of Maintaining of the COOMET Program of Comparisons 630/RU/13
11 COOMET R/AQ/13:2019 Rules and Procedure for the evaluation of the quality management systems of National metrology institutes / Designated institutes
12 COOMET R/GM/14:2016 Guidelines for data evaluation of COOMET key comparison 336/RU/05
13 COOMET R/GM/15:2020 Rules of Completion of the Form of Calibration Certificates issued by National Metrology Institutes and Designated Institutes within the scope of the CIPM MRA 301/UA-a/03
14 COOMET R/RM/16:2007 Recommendation for the acceptance of certified reference materials in Appendix C CIPM MRA 290/RU-a/03
15 COOMET R/RM/17:2011 Guidelines for issuing Certificate of the participant of COOMET CRM interlaboratory certification 349/BY-a/05
16 COOMET R/GM/18:2022 Procedure of the International Competition "The Best Young Metrologist of COOMET" 335/UA/05
17 COOMET R/GM/19:2016 Guideline on COOMET supplementary comparison evaluation 302/RU/04
18 COOMET R/GM/20:2009 State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Scales of Measurements. Terms and Definitions 287/RU/03
19 COOMET R/GM/21:2011 Use of concepts error of measurement and uncertainty of measurement. General principles materials 347/RU/05
20 COOMET R/RM/22:2020 Form and Content of COOMET certificate for Reference Materials for Composition and Properties of Substances and Materials 697/RU/16
21 COOMET R/GM/23:2014 PROCEDURE of organization and publishing the data about calibration and measuring services of COOMET national metrological institute on COOMET web resources 404/RU/07
22 COOMET R/IT/24:2014 Educational programs and practical training programs of experts of National Metrological Institutes cooperating in COOMET 541/RU-a/11
23 COOMET R/LM/25:2015 Procedure for recognizing technical devices as measuring instruments 523/BY/11
25 COOMET R/TR/27:2023 Procedure for preparing certificates issued based on the results of trainings within CООМЕТ 597/BY/13
26 COOMET R/LM/28:2016 Standard program for testing the software of measuring instruments 425/BY/08
27 COOMET R/RM/29:2016 The Content and Procedure of Work on Reference Material Comparison within COOMET 498/RU/10
28 COOMET R/RM/30:2016 Procedure for completing the Form of COOMET database for COOMET reference materials 543/AM/11
29 COOMET R/GM/31:2016 Calibration techniques. General requirements 422/RU-a/08
30 COOMET R/GM/32:2017 Calibration of measuring instruments. Algorithms of processing measurement results and uncertainty evaluation 420/RU-a/08
31 COOMET R/T/33:2018 Calibration of platinum resistance thermometers by comparison method 633/KG/14
32 COOMET R/AQ/34:2021 Temporary Rules and Procedure for Peer Reviews of Quality Management Systems of National Metrology Institutes/Designated Institutes (QMS of NMIs/DIs) During the COVID-19 Pandemic  
33 COOMET R/GM/35:2022 Expression of the expanded measurement uncertainty (method of kurtosis) 796/UA/19
34 CООМЕТ R/TR/36:2023 Rules for creation, approval and update of COOMET courses on the BIPM e-learning platform. Monitoring and satisfaction assessment for participation in COOMET courses